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  1. Own your own business


  Find out if you have what it takes to be your own boss. Whether you're founding the world's next mega-corporation, opening the shop around the corner or just freelancing from your home office, you deserve to experience the freedom and frustration of working for yourself.


  2. Live in a foreign country


  Immerse yourself in different culture by taking up residence in another country for as long as your savings and the rest of your life plan will allow. Most countries will issue 60- or 90-day visas on request, and many cities offer short-term rentals at rates that beat vacation prices. There is a world of difference between being a tourist and being an expat. Go and find out.


  3. Buy a home


  Who doesn't dream of owning their own home? The recession and widespread foreclosures over the past few years may have tarnished the dream a bit, but it's still alive and well for most people. Renting may offer more flexibility and variety, but there's nothing quite like having a place of your own.


  4. Drive coast to coast


  At least once in your life, take the ultimate road trip. Drive all the way across the country and return by a different route. The scenery, and the experience, will be unforgettable.


  5. Get your heart broken


  No one goes looking for heartbreak, but emotional pain is an inevitable part of life and often a prerequisite for developing compassion and empathy, and for recognizing and appreciating true love when you find it.


  6. Be cheered by a crowd


  Do something cheer-worthy, whether you're scoring the winning touchdown, taking a bow after your successful theater debut or delivering a rousing speech—and then bask in the crowd's loud vocal approval and applause.


  7. Keep a journal


  At some point in your life, follow the example of successful people ranging from presidents and prime ministers to artists and authors by keeping a written record of your daily thoughts, insights and observations.


  8. Go wilderness camping


  Pitching a tent in the back yard is fun and so is car camping at the state park, but for real adventure get back to nature with a wilderness camping trip. By leaving civilization behind and relying on yourself and your companions, you may discover abilities and qualities you never knew you had.


  9. Go snorkeling or scuba diving


  More than 70 percent of the world is covered by water. Discover the beauty and wonder that lie beneath by donning a mask and fins and going below.


  10. Do something that really scares you


  Whether you climb a mountain, jump out of an airplane or ride a giant roller coaster, by doing something that truly scares you and conquering your fear you will grow as a person.


  11. Do work you really care about


  All too often, we choose our work based on the size of the paycheck or the amount of prestige that comes with the job. Too few people are fortunate enough to do work that has real meaning for them. Make sure that, at least once in your life, you are one of them.